Get in the picture with your Mum this Mother's Day.

Are you a 'ghost Mum'?  Are you the one in your family always taking the pictures but have very few family photographs with you in them? 

It got me thinking... Mums are always snapping away.  We have hundreds of pictures of our kids - often including our husbands - but why are we never in them?  I know I'm guilty of it!  Sometimes I have no make-up on.  Sometimes I'm still in my PJs. Sometimes I feel bloated and can't bear the thought of how I will look in the picture.  But are these REALLY valid excuses?

I love going through old photos of my own childhood.  Our family holidays, my first day at school, every Christmas - my Mum is in them all.  I wonder how I'd feel if she didn't feature in these old photos because she was worried about how she looked or because Dad never offered to take the camera?  I certainly don't want my children growing up, looking back at our family albums, and wondering why I was never in the picture with them!

So this Mother's Day I'm making myself a promise - to pass my camera to my husband and be in more of the family pictures - despite what I'm wearing or whether I think I look overweight!

Why not treat the special Mum in your life this Mother's Day to a family photo session and a set of beautiful natural photographs she can treasure forever.  Contact me at for session information and availability.